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Welcome to Tax Monster - Online Tax Returns
+ Traditional & Affordable Accounting Services

We provide both traditional and online tax returns for our customers. So if you use to doing it the old way, we don't mind you can do that with us too. If you want to do it online, you can and get a discount. If you got any questions, please call and speak to our accountants today!

How do I file my Tax Return?

Individuals need to lodge tax returns by October 31 each year. In order to file an income tax return, you need to have a Tax File Number. And then lodge it with the ATO either by your self or with a registered tax agent.

Tax Monster App

The Tax Monster App allows you to take photos of your receipts and store them in the cloud. This means receipts you have collected throughout the year are easily accessible when it comes to filing your return. How good is that!

Company Registration - $74.95*

Tax Monster can set you up with everything you need to open and new company or business. And then lodge all your returns. Such as BAS & Company tax Returns. This wll ensure the smooth running of your business.

We can register the following:
Register an ACN (Australian Company Number)
Register an ABN (Australian Business Number)
Register a TFN (Tax File Number)
Register a GST (Goods and Services Tax) number
Register for PAYG (Pay As You Go) tax withholding

What the difference with Tax Monster to other Accountants?

Tax Monster biggest difference us and other accountants is we are FAST & Affordable! We use technology to make the tax return process fast and easy for our clients. We are here to make filing your tax return easy and affordable. Don't pay heaps for your ATO tax return - use our great-value service instead. If you are an Australian resident and have had tax deducted from income you have received, you must declare all your earnings to the Australian Tax Office (ATO). This is to ensure you pay the correct amount of tax. You may have paid too much tax and be eligible for a tax refund, just like many Australians do every year. However, if you fail to lodge your tax return or file it late, you could be charged a penalty. Tax Monster makes tax return ATO easy!

Personal Online Tax Returns - from $49.95*

Tax Monster is an online tax returns service designed to make the taxations process easy for people all over Australia. Our team of highly experienced and skilled accountants are on hand to help you fill in your ATO tax return online. We work hard to make sure all ATO personal tax returns are dealt with accurately, and any personal tax refunds you may be entitled to are being claimed.

Sole Trader Online Tax Returns- from $149.90*

If you run your business as a sole trader, you need to file an Australian individual tax form. File your sole trader ATO tax return online with Tax Monster in a few easy steps. You don't want spend hours sorting it out - you've got work to do! Tax Monster can also help with all other matters of individual tax filing to make your life easier!

Company Tax Returns - from $399.90*

If you're operating a company, the last thing you want to do is spend hours sorting out your ATO Australia tax return. Use our great-value service to get your tax sorted ASAP.

Trust Tax Returns - from $599.85*

Need a trust tax return lodged with the ATO. We can do this fast and affordably. We can also set up trusts as well. Speak to us today about Trusts.

SMSF Tax Returns - from $1,249.75*

SMSF Tax Returns can be very messy, let us help you lodge your SMSF tax return correctly.

Property Tax Returns - from $59.95*

Got an investment property, you want to make sure its done correctly. The ATO loves auditing investment property tax returns.

Bookkeeping Service - from $39.95 p/hr*.

Having an external agent to carry out bookkeeping basics. for you makes operating your company a lot more straightforward. We can do your books & lodge your tax returns.

Company Registrations - $74.95 * + ASIC Fee

Before you start to operate a business, you need to register your company with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). Tax Monster can register your new company for as little as $74.95 & its free if you get your TFN and GST set up as well!

SMSF Set Up - $499.90* + ASIC Fee

Need to set up a SMSF? Other accountants can charge $2000 to do this. We only charge $499.90* plus any ASIC Fees. And we do it correctly as we have years of experience in this area! We can also get you a SMSF home loan via our sister business Finance Monster. Can your accountant do that? That's why you should use Tax Monster for all your SMSF needs.


Individual Tax Return

Price Shown is for Prepay Basic Individual Tax Return.



Sole Trader Tax Return

Price Shown is for Prepay Sole Trader Tax Return.
Price shown is Under $250k Revenue - 1 Hour**



Company Tax Return

Price shown is for Prepay Company Tax Return.
Price shown is Under $250k Revenue and without Financials - 2 Hours**.



Trust Tax Return

Price shown is for Prepay Trust Tax Return.
Price shown is Under $250k Revenue and without Financials - 2 Hours**.



SMSF Tax Return

Price Shown is for Prepay Basic SMSF Tax Return - 5 Hours***.
*** Additional hours charged at $249.95 (Prepay), $379.95 (Pay Later) per hour.



** Additional hours charged at $199.95 (Prepay), $249.95 (Pay Later) per hour


Company Registrations

Price shown is for Prepay Company ( ACN) Registration.
Price shown excl. Compulsory ASIC Fee.



Business Name Registrations

Price shown is for Prepay Business Name (ABN) Registration.



SMSF Setup

Price shown is for Prepay Self Managed Super
Fund Set Up without Corperate Trustee



* All prices on this page are quoted 'from'.





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